Detailed information about the 2017 Forum is not yet available but will be posted in the future. Please review the information from the 2016 Forum for a look at the quality of instructors, teaching, and content that will be available in next year’s Workshops.

All European Leadership Forum participants have the opportunity to attend two workshops each day of the Forum. 

Post-Luncheon Workshops are optional and are conducted from 14:45-16:00.

Afternoon Workshops are conducted each day from 16:15 to 17:30.


In 2016, the Workshops programme will feature

  • Roundtable Discussion, which is highlighted in a yellow cell in the table below.  What is a Roundtable Discussion?
  • Several Workshops will feature FOCL Talks.  These are highlighted in blue cells in the table belowWhat is a FOCL Talk?
  • Additionally, 3 Workshops will feature interviews of key leaders.  The interviews will provide participants with the opportunity to ask questions as well.  These are highlighted in green cells in the table below.  


How to Sign Up

Step 1 – Review the Post-Luncheon Workshops and Afternoon Workshops below.  When you click on a link in the table, it will take you to the Workshop summary on the speaker's page, so you can see all of his or her speaking topics. You will find the speaker's bio at the top of each linked page.

Step 2 - Once you have decided which Workshops you would like to attend, log back into your registration account using the link below ("Sign up here"), and click OK. Note that you will need the confirmation number you received when you originally registered for the Forum. Note that bios and summaries can also be found in the registration form, too.

Step 3 - Once you have signed back in to your account:

  • Click the blue Modify button which can be found a little below the middle of the page on the left.
  • Click Next at the bottom right of the page until you reach the Registration Items section of your account.
  • Choose which sessions you'd like to attend. 

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2016 Post-Luncheon Workshops






Responding to the Refugee Crisis


The Refugee Situation in Europe: An Opportunity to Grow in Grace?

Bert de Ruiter

Roundtable Discussion:
Responding to the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Moderated by Peter Saunders

Europe's Refugees and Migrants:  A Christian Response

Paul Sydnor

How Can the European Churches Respond to the Nations at Our Doorstep?

Colin Mitchell

Understanding Evangelicalism and Roman Catholicism

Is the Reformation Over? Key Differences between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism 500 Years Later

Gregg Allison

Comparing the Evangelical and Catholic Theological Methods

Leonardo De Chirico

Understanding and Evaluating the Roman Catholic Mass

Leonardo De Chirico

Evangelicalism’s Hidden Heresy: Understanding Gnosticism and Why the Body Is So Important

Gregg Allison

Leadership Faithfulness

Five Lies Women in Leadership Often Believe

Vesna Radeka




Humility in Christian Leadership

Josef Pavliňák

Leadership and Gospel Faithfulness

John Stevens

Spiritual Formation and Care


The Purpose, Practicalities, and Power of Perservering Prayer

Nanette Helm

What Does God Want to Do in You?

Ann Blaser

Spiritual Warfare

Scott Moreau

Textual Studies of the Bible

How the Bible Came Together

Dirk Jongkind

Reading and Writing at the Time of Jesus

Speaker to be announced

How Reliable is the Transmission of the Old Testament

Speaker to be announced

Contemporary Issues in Apologetics

Bioethics and the Christian Mind

Peter Saunders

Miracles and the Laws of Nature

Angus Menuge 

C.S. Lewis and the Longing for God: Connecting the Gospel to Deep Felt Need

Jerry Root

Church Leadership

The Protestant Priesthood: Raising Up the Laity

Tom Streeter

Church Discipline: Biblical Guidelines for Rebuking and Restoring a Sinning Believer

Jim Cecy

How to Help Other Leaders Succeed

Tom McGehee

Suffering and the Christian Life

God's Beautiful Words to the Fearful and Anxious

Ed Welch

What Every Christian Should Know about Suffering

Ed Welch

Suffering and Intimacy with God

Jelena Sivulka

Leadership Development

Breaking the Code of Developing Young Leaders

Tim Griffin

Developing Leadership Potential in Young People

Terry English

What Causes a Church to Grow?

Øivind Augland

Public Leadership

Democracy in Christian Perspective

Jonathan Chaplin

Session to be announced

Human Trafficking: The Sexy Cause and Why the Church Is Not Called to Rescue

Ioana Sandescu


FOCL Talk 1:
How to Do Street Evangelism That's Compelling

FOCL Talk 2:
How to Prepare a Short Evangelistic Talk

Slavko Hadzic

The Fears That Shut Our Mouths

Avi Snyder

Christ-Centred Evangelism

Glen Scrivener

Maintaining Spiritual Vitality

How to Avoid Burnout Syndrome in Ministry

Henryk Wieja

Self-Stewardship for Resilience in Ministry

Tasha Chapman

Pastoral Self-Care: The Road to Forgiveness

Emőke Tapolyai



2016 Afternoon Workshops






Being Faithful Disciples

Honesty and the Love of God

Jerry Root

The Need, Vision, and Strategy of Church-Based Discipleship

Monte Starkes and Bryan Brown

How Then Should We Live? Living Faithfully in the Midst of Apostasy

Leif Nummela

Mere Spirituality: How C.S. Lewis Walked With God

 Daryl McCarthy

Understanding and Communicating Truth

Arguments For and From Fulfilled Biblical Prophecies

Peter S. Williams

Engaging with Secular Culture

John Stevens

The Epistemic Responsibilities of the University

René van Woudenberg

God's Wisdom and the Foolishness of the Cross

 Stefan Gustavsson

Leadership Faithfulness and Strategy

Interview: Understanding and Evaluating the Roman Catholic View of Mary

Leonardo De Chirico interviewed by Michael Reeves

The Vision and Strategy for Church Revitalisation

David Brown

Life Lessons

John Piper interviewed by Dirk Jongkind


How to Keep a Growing Church Theologically Solid

Terry Virgo interviewed by Dirk Jongkind


Understanding and Leading Youth

Why the Youth Are Leaving the Church and What We Can Do

Maruška Skonc

What Kids Need Most From Their Dad - Especially if He Is in Ministry

Dave Patty

Helping our Children Survive the Onslaught of Our Culture

William Mackenzie

Media Engagement in Youth Ministry: The Disney Universe as a Case Study

Margunn Serigstad Dahle

Scientific Apologetics

Ten Arguments for Scientism

Rik Peels

Science, Mathematics, and Beauty

Andy McIntosh


What Is Pain? How to Use the Modern Medical Concept of Pain to Explain the Gospel

Peter Imming

Does the Scale of the Universe Count against God's Existence?

Rik Peels

Understanding and Engaging Culture

Me, My Selfie, 
and I

Andrew Fellows

Metaphysics in the Movies: Hidden Worldview Questions Waiting for Your Christian Answer

Pasi Turunen

How Should Christians Understand and Respond to Culture?

Ádám Szabados

Poet and Prophet: Dostoevsky’s Actuality for Our Time

Jürgen Spieß

Organisational Development and Fundraising

FOCL Talk 1: 
Our Changing World and Its Impact on Philanthropy 

FOCL Talk 2:
Constants in Organisational Development

Jerry Twombly

The Journey of Generosity

Lee Behar

FOCL Talk 1: Engaging the 80%

FOCL Talk 2: Strategies to Engage a New Generation in Philanthropy

Jerry Twombly

FOCL Talk 1: Starting a New Venture: Spiritual and Practical Insights

FOCL Talk 2: Starting a New Venture: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Jeremy Peckham

Communicating the Gospel and Leading  in Europe Today

The European Crisis: What is God Doing?

Evi Rodemann

Connecting with Your Community: Learning How to Communicate the Gospel Effectively

Martin Robinson

How Do We Live in Community as the Body of Christ?

Connie Duarte

Responding to Same-Sex Marriage with Grace and Truth

Pasi Turunen

Personal Leadership

The Four Fatal Flaws of Leaders and How You Can Avoid Them

Dave Patty

Emotional Balance Model: Helping Flatten Life's "Emotional Roller Coaster"

Bobb Biehl

Fund-Raising Process: Keeping Your Fundraising Program Balanced and Growing 

Bobb Biehl

Brain-Storming Checklist: Helping You and Your Team Imagine What Your Future Could Be 

Bobb Biehl

Disciple-Making Leadership

Leadership Selection and Training: The Most Vital Element in Building Multiplying Disciples

John Musselman

The Imperative of Relationships

Terry Virgo

Shepherding: A Biblical Model of Leadership

Terry Virgo

Six Best Practices in Leading a Discipleship Group

John Musselman and Bill Lohnes

Christian Relationships

FOCL Talk 1:
Gospel-Driven Peacemaking

FOCL Talk 2:
Resolving Everyday Conflict

Ken Sande

FOCL Talk 1:
A Theology of Relationships

FOCL Talk 2: Relational Wisdom in Action

Ken Sande

Enhancing the Beauty and Engaging with the Brokenness of Sex within Marriage

Richard Winter

Understanding Transgender Issues

Richard Winter

Marriage and Family

Grace-Filled Sex

Tim and Darcy Kimmel

Fifty Years of Marriage and Ministry: Life Lessons and Passions

Tom and Judy Streeter

Grace-Based Parenting

Tim and Darcy Kimmel

What Are Some Key Principles and Processes in Developing a Healthy Marriage?

Ole-Magnus Olafsrud

Understanding and Engaging Islam

Speaking Like Jesus: How to Share Your Faith with a Muslim

Fouad Masri

Is the Injeel Corrupted? How to Share the Validity of the New Testament with Muslims

Fouad Masri

The Effects of ISIS on Europe

Jay Smith

Examining the Newest Historical Research on Islam and the Earliest Qur'anic Manuscripts

Jay Smith

Communicating Biblical Truth

Contagious Christian Communication: Ten Top Lessons

Peter Mead

What's Missing from Our Gospel?: The Forgotten Key to Engaging Pluralist Society

Michael Reeves

How Can We Preach Sin in Today's Culture?

 Michael Green

Feeling God's Story: Reigniting Our Spiritual Passion

Peter Mead

Bible and Theology

Life Lessons from an Old Man: Wisdom from David in Psalm 37:1-11

Jim Cecy


How to Handle Difficult Topics in the Old Testament

Peter J. Williams

The Four Biggest Theological Mistakes that Evangelicals Are Making Today

Michael Reeves

God's Sovereignty in Light of Biblical Narratives

Peter J. Williams


Media Communication and Analysis

Seven Digital Marketing Trends to Dominate 2016

Steve Lowisz


The Role of Media in our Globalized World

Steve Lowisz


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