Terry English

Terry English is the Director of Training for Josiah Venture. As such, he oversees the creation and rollout of ministry teams and disciple making resources throughout Central and Eastern Europe, and also oversees evangelistic ministries and tools currently being used by over 400 churches. Prior to moving to the Czech Republic 20 years ago, he also worked with youth and student outreach ministries in the USA, UK, and Norway. While his focus is now on training local churches, he also continues to work with a local youth ministry in the Czech Republic so that he can keep his finger on the pulse of current trends in youth culture and has recently helped his local church plant a new expression of church in Ostrava.


2018 Forum Sessions

 Afternoon Workshops 

Understanding Today's Teenagers and How to Reach Them

The world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace – meaning the world of the young people in your church and community is radically different than the one you grew up in.  How do you keep up with these changes and respond to them?  What are the most significant trends, and how can you adapt to them so that the gospel is relevant to this generation?



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