Steven Weber

Steven Weber has been working with the Christian Broadcasting Network, leading their office for the nations of the former USSR, for the past 26 years.  Over those years, he has been a student of missionary strategy, using media to disciple nations.  Steve and his wife Kristi adopted their first child in 1995 and only later did they understand that God had more in mind.  Today they have 6 children, 3 biological and 3 adopted.  But the “more” included understanding the orphan spirit which is tearing apart families all over this world.


2018 Forum Sessions

Afternoon Workshops

Understanding and Overcoming the Orphan Spirit in Our Generation

Today the culture in general is suffering from two major issues: children growing up with no father around or children growing up with emotional absent fathers around.  The result is the Orphan Spirit taking root in our society.  The consequences are devastating our homes, families, and cities.  This seminar will help the participants to understand this Orphan Spirit and receive tools on overcoming it in their home and then in their communities.  Learn the secrets of discipling your children like Jesus.  “He called them to be with Him.”


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