Richard Borgonon

Richard Borgonon, in the Lloyd’s insurance market for 44 years, holds international leadership positions and is chairman of the Christian publishers 10ofthose Ltd. Today Richard spends the majority of his time sharing the Bible with executives. With Rev. William Taylor, he wrote The Word One to One. These notes on John have gone global, equipping Christians to share the Gospel with their contacts. Richard speaks internationally and on TV as to how every Christian can put the gospel back at the centre of evangelism.


2018 Forum Sessions

Afternoon Workshops

One to One: Vital to Evangelism in This Age of Biblical Ignorance

Increasingly Jesus is not known; attendance at church is decreasing, and we live in an age when what the Bible says is not considered. While what we do in church might be great, how do we reach the NON churched? Believers agree we should take the Gospel to our friends but most simply don’t know HOW!? The WORD One to One is a socially accessible and acceptable walk through John’s Gospel which has rapidly gone global, proving it is a very useful HOW for any believer over the age of 11. This session will discuss why and how such One to One ministry has taken off for all demographics.



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