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Peter Saunders was born in New Zealand and originally trained as a general surgeon before serving with the Africa Inland Mission in Kenya and completing two years mission training at All Nations Christian College in the UK. Since 1992 he has served full-time with Christian Medical Fellowship, a UK-based organisation with 4,500 UK doctors and 1,000 medical students as members, first as Head of Student Ministries, and since 1999 as Chief Executive.  His current work involves leadership training, teaching evangelism and ethics, medical mission, writing, editing, and media work. He has been a member of the ICMDA (International Christian Medical and Dental Association) Board since 2003 and is also Campaign Director of the Care Not Killing Alliance, a coalition of over 40 organisations in the UK promoting palliative care and opposing euthanasia.  His wife Kirsty is a community pediatrician and they have three sons, Christopher, Benjamin, and Jonathan.;; 


2018 Forum Sessions

Afternoon Workshops

Christians and Social Justice: Lessons from the Life of William Wilberforce

Christians are called to proclaim the gospel, but what about social justice? Throughout the Bible, God used people to have a transforming influence on the prevailing culture: Joseph, Nehemiah, Esther, Daniel. Likewise, throughout Christian history there have been other striking examples. Many know William Wilberforce for his successful battle against the slave trade in the early 19th century but he was also a deeply committed evangelical Christian with a broad agenda for reforming society. Wilberforce believed that ‘peculiar doctrines’ (evangelical beliefs) led to ‘true affections’, ‘moral transformation’ and eventually ‘political reformation’.  In other words, he was saying that Christian beliefs change hearts, which changes lives, which then transform society. This seminar reviews the life of Wilberforce to see what we can learn from his example in being both 'not of this world' but also deeply engaged in it, influencing the direction of culture under the Lordship of Christ.


Christianity and the New Biotechnologies

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) has opened the door to embryo experimentation, egg and sperm donation, surrogacy, embryo selection, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, embryonic cloning, animal human hybrids, mitochondrial replacement, and now, gene editing. Nanotechnology opens the possibility of ‘engineering’ minute biochemical systems at an atomic level. Cybernetics merges human tissue with mechanical or electrical devices in order to restore lost function or enhance human abilities. With retinal implants, cyborgs – part human, part machine – may be just around the corner. New drug treatments and enhancements are taking human performance to new levels, such as viagra to enhance sexual performance and modafanil to heighten concentration and memory.  Humanoid Japanese robots can blink, smile, walk, talk, express anger, sing, and provide healthcare. Most of these so-called ‘advances’ have been justified on the grounds that they will prevent human suffering or lead to new treatments. What principles should we use to evaluate them from a Christian perspective?

Communicating the Christian Perspective on the Sexual Revolution: Principles and Practical Examples
with Glynn Harrison

Our culture is obsessed with sex, but Christians find it increasingly difficult to communicate the Christian perspective on issues related to sex in the media.  This is especially true in interviews, where Christians quickly find themselves on the defensive or grossly misrepresented. How can we confidently and carefully take opportunities to share the Christian worldview in interviews? What strategies are best to use in these situations? In this session, we will discuss recent examples and principles to help us communicate more effectively and compellingly.  We will also witness a live interview with experienced communicator, Peter Saunders, and engage in opportunities to practice the principles we learn.



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