Olof Edsinger

Olof Edsinger is the General Secretary of the Swedish Evangelical Alliance. Before that, he worked for nine years as the General Secretary of Salt, which is the youth and children’s organization of the Swedish Evangelical Mission (a Lutheran missions movement). Thus he has worked a lot with youth and children, especially on a national level. He has also been the leader of a church plant in his home town of Uppsala. In addition, Olof is the author of fifteen books, mostly about the Bible and Christian discipleship. Several of these have been translated into Finnish and/or Norwegian. Olof is married to Mona, the love of his youth, and they have three children.


2018 Forum Sessions

Afternoon Workshops

Queer Theory on the Rise

The last years have seen the rise of a new ideology in the West. It has sometimes been described as transgenderism, and sometimes as queer theory. It differs from previous movements in that it doesn’t specifically push for either sexual promiscuity or “gay rights”. Rather, it is an attack on the whole concept of a fixed sexual identity. Queer theory involves a critique of all that used to be labelled “normal” when it comes to sexuality and gender, and it has crowned the transsexual community as the heroes of our time. How should this way of thinking be understood? How is it implemented in schools and pre-schools – with Sweden as a prominent example? And how could we formulate a biblical response?


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