Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves is President and Professor of Theology at Union School of Theology in the UK. Previously he has been Head of Theology for UCCF and an associate minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London. He is the author of Introducing Major TheologiansWhy the Reformation Still MattersThe Unquenchable FlameThe Good God, and Christ our Life, co-editor of Adam, the Fall and Original Sin, and holds a doctorate in systematic theology from King’s College, London. He is married to Bethan, and together they have two daughters, Lucy and Mia.


2018 Forum Sessions

Afternoon Workshops

The Four Biggest Theological Mistakes That Evangelicals Are Making Today

What are the biggest mistakes that evangelicals are making today, and how do they affect both church and mission? This workshop will critique four widespread but insidious theological errors, offering us a way to healthier pastoring, gospel proclamation, and mission.


Interview: Mother of God? A Biblical View of Mary

Leonardo De Chirico interviewed by Michael Reeves

Why is Mary so important to Roman Catholic spirituality? How did the Catholic practice of prayer to Mary originate, and why has it achieved so much popularity? In this interview, Leonardo De Chirico, pastor of the church Breccia di Roma and director of the Reformanda Initiative, speaks on the subject of his latest book, A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Mary. He offers a biblical account of Mary’s character that contrasts with the Roman Catholic traditions which have developed throughout history, distorting her nature from an obedient servant and worshipper of God to a worshipped saint herself.


An Evangelical Assessment of Barth

The Swiss theologian Karl Barth (1886-1968) has almost certainly had more impact on Christian theology than any other thinker in the last century and a half. This workshop will assess his influence and give some evangelical guidelines for pastors, apologists, theologians, and all who must deal with his legacy.


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