Margunn Serigstad Dahle

Margunn Serigstad Dahle, the co-leader of the European Media Communicators Network, is Associate Professor at Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication, NLA University College, Norway, where she has taught in the fields of communication, media and worldviews since 1991. She is Programme Director for the Communication and Worldviews Bachelor Program, which is designed to equip evangelical communicators and apologists in various fields for the contemporary Western cultural context. Especially connected to her Damaris involvement, she is a regular lecturer, speaker and writer in various contexts in Norway and beyond. She was a co-editor of The Lausanne Movement: A Range of Perspectives (Oxford: Regnum, 2014). Margunn formerly served as Chairman of Lunde Publishing House.


2018 Forum Sessions

Post-Luncheon Workshops

Pre-Forum Seminar


Post-Luncheon Workshops

Women at Work: Cultivating a Career and a Relationship with God

As evangelical men and women we are called together "to bear witness to Jesus Christ and all his teaching in every sphere of society" (The Cape Town Commitment). This includes bearing holistic witness as female professionals in the marketplace.  In this session, we will respond to some key challenges we may face as female evangelical leaders in the marketplace, such as having a stressful life with demanding working hours, experiencing isolation at work and alienation inside church, and facing tough priorities in relation to families and friends. The framework for responding to such challenges is a holistic understanding of calling, which includes a primary calling to worship God ("by God, to God, for God") and a secondary calling to serve him ("everyone, everywhere, in everything").


Pre-Forum Seminar

Women's Pre-Forum Seminar: Preparing Our Hearts and Minds
with Jelena Sivulka and Vesna Radeka

We live terribly busy lives. Coming to the Forum can be a great break from many of our everyday responsibilities, but we can be surprised to find ourselves even busier than we are at home. Many of us arrive exhausted, overworked, and worried about the things we have left undone. How do we avoid neglecting the opportunities to learn what God wants to teach us? Where can we find refreshment for our souls? How can we build relationships with other women at the Forum to mutually encourage and support each other? All women are invited to arrive early for this highly interactive Pre-Forum Seminar to get to know one another, quiet our hearts and minds, discuss common challenges, and pray in order to prepare for what God has planned for us at the Forum and beyond.


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