Lori Pritchard

Lori Pritchard is a therapist in individual, marital and family counselling in the Chicago area. She works with clients who have little spiritual interest as well as those who pursue Christian counselling. She is also involved in prayer ministry and mentoring in areas of education, discipleship, and ministry. She has master's degrees in theology and clinical psychology from Wheaton Graduate School and has been in practice for 17 years. 


2018 Forum Sessions

Post-Luncheon Workshops

Interacting with God and Others

Jesus teaches that two relationships summarize all of the Scriptures: Loving God and Loving People. To share the Gospel in everyday life, we need to understand and live out this relational reality. In evangelism and discipleship, we are basically holding out our relationship with God as a model of connection and engagement. This workshop will look specifically at ways to prepare our minds for engagement with the Lord, our families, and ministry.


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