Kay Carter

Kay Carter is Director of Communications at Tyndale House, an academic institute for biblical understanding, where she supports researchers to speak about their work in a way that cuts through the academic/popular divide and captures the public imagination. Kay has a background in journalism, including as a staff member of The Sunday Times in London and as founding editor of The Difference magazine, which examined political issues through the lens of Christian ethics. She has a long-term interest in religious freedom and has worked as a lobbyist for organisations that represent persecuted Christians in the Middle East. Before joining Tyndale House, she ran the secretariat for the British All Party Parliamentary Group on International Freedom of Religion or Belief.


2018 Forum Sessions

Afternoon Workshops

Queer Theory on the Rise

While Christian perspectives can be heard in public discourse, they are largely confined to a narrow band of topics where they clash with dominant secular worldviews — including sexuality, creation/evolution and beginning or end of life issues. This leaves Christians frustrated that the enormous breadth of biblical thought is unheard or misrepresented. In recent years scientists have faced similar issues, in particular that they have compelling answers to questions that the majority of people aren’t asking. Their response has been to prioritise the communication of scientific depth, particularly through mainstream and online media, in a way that captures the public imagination. Kay Carter asks how Christians might learn from the success of the science-communicators phenomenon to broaden the space for Christians in the public square.


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