Katka Blabolova

Katka Blabolova serves as a Regional Director of Integrity Life ministry in Prague. She studied fine art and English language and literature in Brno, Czech Republic. Her ministry and passion is to build young people in their walk with God and to train them to serve others in the same way. She believes that God can use anyone who is willing to give his or her life fully to Him to change the world we live in. That is why she likes to spend her time on university campuses and in student cafes sharing the gospel one-on-one with non-Christian students and discipling those who decide to follow Jesus.

2018 Forum Sessions

Pre-Forum Seminar

The Challenges of University Student Ministry Today
with Josef Pavlinak and Rostislav Navratil

There is no doubt that university students are one of the most strategic groups. Christian student movements have made a huge difference for the Kingdom in Europe and globally, but it has become extremely difficult in most countries of Europe to communicate the gospel on university campuses.

  • What are the greatest challenges and how should we respond to them?
  • What are timeless principles that come directly from our Lord and his disciples and should not be changed, and what strategies and methods should change?
  • How do we do evangelism if “big meetings” have stopped working?
  • What we do with the fruit of evangelism, and how do we “make disciples"?
  • What does it take to develop a leader who can bring a Kingdom difference to society?

Come and explore these questions with the Integrity Life team, bring your own questions and ideas, and be encouraged with stories of grace and hope. 

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