John Stevens

John Stevens is the National Director of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, a family of over 500 Bible-centred churches in the UK, a position that he has held since 2010. Prior to this he was one of the founding pastors of City Evangelical Church Birmingham, which was planted in the centre of the UK’s 2nd largest city in 1999. He was instrumental in starting the Midlands Gospel Partnership, was the course Director of the Midlands Ministry Training Course and is a visiting lecturer at Oak Hill Theological College. John is also one of the pastors of Christchurch Market Harborough, a church he helped to plant when he took up his current role.  He was converted whilst studying law at Cambridge University, and after taking a post-graduate degree at the University of Oxford worked for 16 years as a University Lecturer, ending his career as Deputy Head of the Law School at the University of Birmingham. John is married to Ursula and they have four children aged between 12 and 7. He blogs at on theology, church life and ministry, culture and politics.


2018 Forum Sessions

Afternoon Workshops

Sins That Wreck Ministries

The main sins that leaders have to guard against in the New Testament are sex, money, and power. These sins are especially serious because they disqualify from leadership and discredit the gospel. Many pastors and leaders of Christian organisations have fallen in these ways. How can we guard against these temptations and avoid falling into sin? There is a need for proper accountability structures – both personally and organisationally.  How do we ensure that we follow Christ’ pattern of servant leadership, avoid sexual immorality, and make sure we observe the highest standards of financial probity in fundraising, budgeting, staff salaries, and accounting?


Building an Effective Organisation

Many Christian originations stall or fail because they have given insufficient attention to the organisational structure needed to grow and advance the mission. Organisations are ways of enabling multiplication of ministry beyond the capacity of a single individual with vision.  This session will discuss how you develop the vision, recruit staff, create systems, balance support with front-line ministry, and generate resources. It will cover the dangers of either over-organisation and bureaucratic drag or of unrecognition.


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