Jeremy Marshall

Jeremy Marshall worked for many years in banking throughout the world. His last job was CEO of the UKs oldest private bank, C. Hoare & Co. He stepped down in 2016 after being diagnosed with incurable cancer. He is Chairman of Christianity Explored, Pastor Training International and Christian Books Worldwide, and a trustee of various other Christian charities. Married to Jeanette, he has 3 adult children and lives in Sevenoaks, Kent.


2018 Forum Sessions

Afternoon Workshops

Facing Death: How Do We Deal with Suffering and Death?

Jeremy Marshall has incurable cancer, and he will be sharing from his own experience and from the Bible how we can cope with death and suffering. This is one of the toughest things to deal with, both in our own lives and for our friends and families. We will look at what the Bible says in both the Old and New Testaments. Then we will consider and discuss together practically how to help Christians who are struggling with these issues, working on some case studies. Finally, we will think about how we can speak to the non-Christian about death and suffering — both those who have general issues and those who face specific difficulties. There are also wonderful opportunities for the Christian here to share their faith.


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