Glynn Harrison

Glynn Harrison was formerly Professor and Head of Department of Psychiatry, University of Bristol, UK, where he was also a practicing consultant psychiatrist. Now, as an author and speaker, he is interested in issues at the interface between biblically-based faith and psychology, neuroscience, and psychiatry, as well as wider issues of culture and Christian worldview. His most recent book A Better Story: God, Sex and Human Flourishing turns a critical eye to the sexual revolution.


2018 Forum Sessions

Post-Luncheon Workshops

Afternoon Workshops


Post-Luncheon Workshops

Revolution: How Can Christians Survive the Sexual Freedom Narrative Enveloping Our Culture?

The last few decades have witnessed a radical and far-reaching transformation of western attitudes to sex, marriage and gender. Feeling persecuted and under siege, Christians often react defensively or negatively. But what if the sexual revolution has something to teach us? What if we faced up to our own sub-biblical shame culture? And what if we began our critique of the revolution in terms of its failed promises rather than our moral rules? In this seminar we explore what this new apologetic platform begins to look like.


How to Tell Our Better Story: The Bible, Sex, and Human Flourishing

Our culture is obsessed with sex, and yet Christians often avoid talking about it. We seem to know what we are against - but what are we for? Does the Bible present us with a positive vision of sex and relationships? If so, what does that look like? In this seminar we explore how to tell a better, inspiring, truly biblical story about sex, singleness and marriage.


Afternoon Workshops

Communicating the Christian Perspective on the Sexual Revolution: Principles and Practical Examples
with Peter Saunders

Our culture is obsessed with sex, but Christians find it increasingly difficult to communicate the Christian perspective on issues related to sex in the media.  This is especially true in interviews, where Christians quickly find themselves on the defensive or grossly misrepresented. How can we confidently and carefully take opportunities to share the Christian worldview in interviews? What strategies are best to use in these situations? In this session, we will discuss recent examples and principles to help us communicate more effectively and compellingly.  We will also witness a live interview with experienced communicator, Peter Saunders, and engage in opportunities to practice the principles we learn.



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