Fouad Masri

Fouad Masri is an author and lecturer born and raised in the war zone of Beirut, Lebanon. As a third generation ordained pastor, he has a passion for sharing the love of Christ with Muslims and has been reaching out to Muslims and inspiring others to follow his example. In 1993, he founded Crescent Project to nurture transformational relationships between Christians and Muslims and to rally the Church to reach out to Muslims to share the Good News of Christ. Since then, he has trained more than 21,000 Christians to sensitively and purposefully share their faith with Muslims. Fouad has authored 14 books including Outreach Magazine’s 2015 Cross Cultural Resource of the Year Connecting with Muslims: A Guide to Communicating Effectively. He holds a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and an MA from Fuller Theological Seminary in Islamic Studies. Fouad lives with his wife and their two children.


2018 Forum Sessions

Afternoon Workshops

Speaking like Jesus: How to Share Your Faith with a Muslim

Today Muslims are no longer confined to Muslim Countries. Many Muslims are now leaving their home countries as immigrants or refugees. How can we build relationships with Muslims? How should we go about sharing the Gospel with them? What are their common questions or stumbling blocks as they encounter the Gospel? This session looks at our Messiah as a model for sharing the good news with Muslims.



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