Espen Ottosen

Espen Ottosen has worked as the information director for Norwegian Lutheran Mission since 2003. In that capacity, he has frequently appeared in debates on national television and radio. Also he has written essays and articles in a wide range of Norwegian newspapers and publications. For many years he has been writing a column regularly in Aftenposten (see, currently the biggest newspaper in the country. Ottosen has published about 20 different books and pamphlets in Norwegian and in Spanish mostly on popular theology. Before taking the position as information director, he was a missionary in Peru together with his family.

2018 Forum Sessions

Post-Luncheon Workshops

How to Communicate the Christian Worldview in the Public Square

For more than ten years Espen Ottosen has been participating regularly in debates of various kinds in the media in Norway. In a country like Norway, which is very secularized, standing up for a Christian perspective on same-sex marriage, biotechnical issues, and gender issues is a big challenge. In this lecture Ottosen will share some of his own experience focusing on how to engage people in the public square who have little knowledge and/or many prejudices about classical Christian belief.




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