Chip Zimmer

Chip Zimmer is the Vice President of Relational Wisdom 360. He spent 14 years on the staff of Peacemaker Ministries, where he led the international outreach. He is a former diplomat and has broad experience as a mediator and trainer




2018 Forum Sessions

Post-Luncheon Workshops

Post-Forum Seminar


Post-Luncheon Workshops

Empathy: A Key to Deeper and Stronger Relationships

One of the most common causes of relational breakdown, whether in the family, church or workplace, is a lack of empathy. The good news is that since each of us is made in the image of God, we have a natural capacity for developing and exercising God-like empathy. In this workshop, we will explore the significance, theology, and neurology of empathy and its relationship to the biblical quality of compassion and then lay out a simple seven-step process for improving these crucial relational abilities.


Using Fascination with Emotional Intelligence as a Doorway to Evangelism

Emotional intelligence is now being taught in global corporations, medical and business schools, police departments, military units, sport teams, and public schools. In this workshop, we will discuss the neurological basis and benefits of emotional intelligence and show how Christians can use the world’s fascination with EI as a doorway to developing deep personal conversations, discussing the superior qualities of God’s relational principles, and sharing the gospel of Christ, the key to real relationship.


Post-Forum Seminar

Discovering Relational Wisdom 2.0

Relational wisdom—a gospel-driven form of emotional intelligence—is your ability to discern emotions and interests in yourself and in others, to interpret them in the light of God’s Word, and to use these insights to manage your responses and relationships successfully. This training presents the biblical and neurological basis for emotions, relational wisdom, and conflict resolution. It also provides simple acrostics that Christians can use to enhance their own relational skills and also to help others learn the disciplines needed to experience closer relationships and less conflict at home, at church, and in the workplace, as well as improved job performance and a more credible witness for Christ. Attendees will receive a free pass to a more detailed interactive online course, which can be used as a discipleship and counseling tool or as a small group study in church.



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