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Bobb Biehl is an Executive Mentor. In 1976, Bobb founded Masterplanning Group International. He has consulted personally with over 500 clients. He has met one-to-one with over 5,000 executives and invested an estimated 5,000 hours in private sessions with some of the finest leaders of our generation. Based on thousands of hours of practical experience, he has originated 40 tools (books, tapes, notebooks) in the area of personal and organizational development. For over 31 years, Bobb was on the board of directors of Focus on the Family. He holds a bachelor’s (’64) and a master’s degree (’66) from Michigan State University. Bobb and his wife, Cheryl, have been married since 1964. They have two adult children, two grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. His website is


2018 Forum Sessions

Afternoon Workshops

Pre-Forum Seminar

Post-Forum Seminar


Afternoon Workshops

Opportunity Spotting: Five Quick Steps to Spotting Hidden Potential

With five easy questions you can spot incredible ideas, even during your worst year ever. There is always opportunity “staring you in the face." You just have to know how to see it. This session also teaches you how to help your newest team member (or the person on your team who is the least likely to have a great idea) help you spot opportunity. Spotting opportunity helps you accelerate your team’s progress in the direction of your dreams. These five questions work time after time – you will see!


Decade by Decade

How old were you 10 years ago?

How old are you today?

How old will you be in 10 years?

Would it be helpful for you to have a broad life perspective on where you have been, where you are, and where you are going?  During our short time together you will see this broad perspective.  These insights are based on the 40+ years of patterns I’ve seen in my consulting with over 5,000 executives at different ages – in an estimated 50,000 hours.  These simple insights can be helpful to you – and anyone you meet -- for the rest of your life!


Brain-Storming Checklist: Helping You and Your Team Imagine What Your Future Could Be

Have you ever known your thinking needed to get “out of the box”?   Are you asking your team, “What would be our “ideal long term”?  Are you looking for new alternatives ... break through ideas?  This session is designed to stretch your thinking and — get you OUT OF THE RUT!  The focus is to help you see how your current assumptions may be limiting your thinking!  If you need or want a fresh new way of imagining your entire future ... SEE YOU AT THIS SESSION!


Pre-Forum Seminar

Personal Development

This seminar features five short talks designed to help you grow as a servant leader by focusing, balancing, and developing yourself.

FOCL Talk 1: Asking Profound Questions - Key to Acceleration

Every new idea in the history of humankind starts with a question. The more profound the questions you ask, the more profound the answers you will get. In this short talk Bobb Biehl guides us through the questions that leaders of organizations must ask themselves in order to maximise the potential of their ministry.

FOCL Talk 2: Executive Pressure Escape Valve - Visual Perspective Chart

How do you release the pressures that build up on every leader? How much better could you function if you could get rid of the pressure you are feeling? This talk helps you identify the tools you need to help yourself and your team members to identify and release pressures.

FOCL Talk 3: Mentoring: How to Find a Mentor, How to Become One

What difference would it make in your life if you had a mentor? Do you know how to go about finding a mentor? Do you know how to become a mentor? What difference would it make in your organisation to unlock the potential of mentoring?

FOCL Talk 4: Understanding Your Leadership Style: Coach or Surgeon?

Do you lead by doing or by directing? Are you the center of the team or on the sidelines making sure the team functions? Do you build a team around your strengths or the strengths of others? Are you sure?

FOCL Talk 5: "You Focus": Communicating WITH People, Not AT Them

Do you want to be a good speaker or a great speaker? Do you really connect with each person in your audience or just talk to an audience? Do you know how to get beyond heads and into hearts? In your last donor letter how many times did you say “I”? How many times did you say “you”? Count them!


Post-Forum Seminar

Organisational Development

This seminar features five short talks designed to answer your most pressing and perplexing organisational questions.

FOCL Talk 1: Developing a Strategic Plan

The "Strategic Planning Arrow" is one large sheet of paper (24" x 36") helping the entire team gain perspective on the strategic plan for the team's future. One sheet helps show how the needs, purpose, and objectives integrate with priorities. One sheet helps tie milestones, resources, and roadblocks to priorities. One sheet helps each of the projects, departments, and divisions fit together as one team, to accomplish one purpose. This tool can be used in any organisation of any size.

FOCL Talk 2: Developing an Annual Plan

Summary to be announced.

FOCL Talk 3: The 7 Vital Signs and 5 Critical Standards of Healthy Growth

What are the seven measurable data points in your organisation that you would like to see continue on an upward climb over the next twenty years? These are your “seven vital signs”. What are the five key ratios you want to keep to assure your board (and your donors) that you are maintaining a quality programme as your programme grows over the next twenty years? These are your five critical standards. These twelve key variables are incredibly important in defining your organisation's health and for defining your growth tracks for the future. This session teaches how to define these critical elements of a healthy ministry.

FOCL Talk 4: Developing a Classic "Organizational Chart"

Your organisation without a clearly defined organisational chart operates roughly like a soccer team where the head coach tells a team of his or her fineest players, "This game I've decided on a brand new strategy...just go on the field, play any position you want...and remember, we must win, this is the championship!" This session will help you know how to get the right team members in the right roles and the wrong ones out of the places they are now in, as soon as possible.

FOCL Talk 5: The "Fog Cutting Arrow"

The “Fog Cutting Arrow” is a tool you can use to clarify your thinking on any topic in a matter of minutes. It reduces your speaking preparation to a fraction of the time. It reduces your writing preparation time to a fraction of the time. It prepares you for debates in a fraction of the time. In short, the “Fog Cutting Arrow” dramatically reduces the time it takes you to clarify your thinking on any topic and prepare for any presentation or engagement.


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