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Beth Grove, born and raised in Africa by Missionary parents, has lived among Muslim immigrant communities in London for 20 years. After graduating from Bible College in America, she worked with Kurdish refugees for three years, then for 17 years with the Hyde Park Christian Fellowship, debating Muslim missionaries every week at London's infamous Speakers Corner. While running an English language school for speakers of other languages, she completed a Master's degree in Islamics, and she co-founded the Pfander Centre for Apologetics in 2007. Pfander's mission is to equip Christians worldwide to confidently engage Muslims with the Gospel, critique Islam's history, theology, philosophy, and social impact on the world stage, and develop Christian apologetics in response. Beth travels and teaches on Islam, presenting a Biblical case for the critique of Islam out of love for Muslims.


2018 Forum Sessions

Afternoon Workshops

Understanding and Evaluating Claims Made About Islam's History in Europe

Educational and political Islamic organisations across Europe seek to establish a positive version of Islam’s influence on European history. Muslim apologists introduce a version of European history which owes much of its scientific advancement, magnificent architecture, and the arts to Islam. At the same time, the Christian heritage is regarded as suppressive of women and of freedom.

Does the historical data support these treatises? Was the Islamic empire tolerant of ‘Christian’ Europe in history? Is Islamic influence beneficial to European society today? Why are current representations of history skewed against Christianity, yet affirming of Islam? Our foundational ideas of history and the theology of the ‘other’ will impact our families, churches, and the society in which our children and grandchildren will live.



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