Bert den Hertog

Bert den Hertog is general secretary of Compass Europe and a member of the global leadership team of Compass World. He serves the national movements of Compass across Europe. He is also a financial coach and trainer in the area of recovery from debt and unemployment. Previously he served for eight years as the general secretary of IFES-Netherlands, a trainer in Governance for IFES Europe, and a member of the Advisory Board of Veritas Europe. He has also been a church planter and the head of youth ministries for a Dutch Reformed Inner Mission Organisation. After graduating he spent six years as a project manager in a business company and in his free time was an elder of a Dutch Reformed Church. Bert is married to Marjon, and they have five children.

2018 Forum Sessions

Afternoon Workshops

The Blind Spot of the Church: Why and How to Talk in Church about Money

The first confession of the early church was ¨Jesus is Lord,” and this involves the whole of our spiritual and physical lives every day. Jesus Himself used the topic of money and possessions in many of his teachings. His statement that “you cannot serve both God and Money” confronts us with an important choice. However, we all know that talking about money in church is very sensitive and not popular. Luther himself has said that “the real Christian needs three conversions: 1) of the heart, 2) of the mind and 3) of the purse.” Why have we not heard so much about using our money in a biblical way even though Jesus emphasised the importance of this topic? In this seminar we will show a biblical framework for how to address this sensitive topic to learn to follow Jesus as whole-life disciples.




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