Liviu Mocan

Liviu Mocan is a Romanian artist living in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. The rich Christian legacy that he inherited from his parents, from church, and from mature artists and theologians has guided his philosophy of life and formed the essence of his creation. His many and varied works – which can be can be found exhibited in private collections, indoor and outdoor, on all continents – are a testimony to his commitment to the visual expression of his beliefs. He is currently developing various art projects centered around the major themes of the Bible while experimenting with various materials and new technologies. Actively involved in his artistic community, he strives to be a witness among Romanian artists.


2018 Forum Sessions

Afternoon Workshop

Breaking the Jar: Art's Untapped Potential in the Evangelical Church

with Jonathan Tame

Two common ways of valuing a work of art are the aesthetic way (do I like it?) and the commercial way (what would this fetch in an auction?). However, as Christians we need to think more about the spiritual value of art. This is when art works in people's hearts and lives to bring them closer to reality - which ultimately means to God himself. When the woman in Mark 14 broke the jar of expensive perfume to anoint Jesus, the place was filled with fragrance. He affirmed her and said she had done a beautiful thing - which people would always speak about. This talk will look at how we might 'break the jar' and release the potential of art in the evangelical church. It will inspire you to value both art and artists in your church, and discover new ways your mission can be strengthened and supported.


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