Pre- and Post-Forum Seminars

Detailed information about the 2018 Forum is not yet available but will be posted in the future. Please review the information from the 2017 Forum for a look at the quality of instructors, teaching, and content that will be available in the 2018 Pre- and Post-Forum Seminars.


All Forum participants are strongly encouraged to come early to the Forum and participate in the Pre-Forum Seminars, which will occur at the 2017 Forum on Saturday,  20 May from 14.00 to 17.30. Many Pre-Forum Seminars are open to all participants, while others are by invitation only. All participants are also encouraged to attend the Post-Forum Seminars, which will occur from 8.45 to 12.30 on Thursday, 25 May.

Special Travel Arrangements

If you are flying into Krakow or Katowice, please plan your travel arrangements to accommodate for the travel time to Wisla. Travel time should be approximately 2 1/2 hours, which means arriving in Krakow or Katowice no later than 10.30 on Saturday, 20 May.

Because we realise that arriving early Saturday morning may not be a possibility for some participants, we have made special arrangements for participants who would like to arrive in Wisla on Friday, 19 May. For an additional pre-payment of 60 euros for a double room (or 80 euros for a single room), we will provide hotel accommodations on Friday night in Wisla. Meals begin with dinner on your date of arrival. 

If you would like hotel accommodations for Friday, 19 May, please email Kevin Saylor at as soon as possible.

Transportation by bus from both the Krakow and Katowice airports to Wisla will be provided during the day on both Friday and Saturday for a fee of 40 eurosYou can sign up for bus transport for Friday, 19 May and Saturday, 20 May using this form.


How to Sign Up

Step 1 – Review the Pre-Forum Seminars and Post-Forum Seminars below.  When you click on a link in the table, it will take you to the summary on the page for that Seminar speaker so that you can see all of his or her speaking topics. You will find the speaker's bio at the top of each linked page. (Note that bios and summaries can also be found in the registration form, too.)

Step 2 - Once you have decided which Pre-Forum Seminar and Post-Forum Seminar you would like to attend, log back into your registration account using the link below ("Sign up here"), and click OK. Note that you will need the confirmation number you received when you originally registered for the Forum.

Step 3 - Once you have signed back in to your account:

  • Click the blue Modify button which can be found a little below the middle of the page on the left.
  • Click Next at the bottom right of the page until you reach the Registration Items section of your account.
  • Choose which sessions you'd like to attend.

Sign up here

The deadline for signing up is April 17.  

2017 Open Pre-Forum Seminars



Bobb Biehl Growing as a Servant Leader: Organisational Development
Jim Cecy

Mastering the Scriptures: Principles for Effective Bible Study

Leonardo De Chirico Engaging Roman Catholicism
Jelena Sivulka and
Vesna Radeka
Women of God: A Call to Follow and a Call to Lead
Ed Welch Side by Side: Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love
Peter S. Williams Understanding the Times: A Pre-Modern Reflection on the Modernist Roots of Post-Modernism


2017 Invitation-Only Pre-Forum Seminars

For more information about Year-Round Mentoring groups, click here.



Tom McGehee

Learning Community Facilitators

Evi Rodemann and
Nana Yaw

Lausanne Young Leaders
Bruce Little

2017-2018 Year-Round Mentoring for Apologetics Leaders

Peter Mead

2017-2018 Year-Round Mentoring for Bible Teachers and Preachers
Dietrich Schindler

2017-2018 Year-Round Mentoring for Church Planting Leaders

David Brown and
Phil Walter

2017-2018 Year-Round Mentoring for Church Revitalisation

John Kirkpatrick and
Jim Crooks

2017-2018 Year-Round Mentoring for Pastors

Ken Sande and
Chip Zimmer

2017-2018 Year-Round Mentoring for Relational Wisdom

Ann Blaser

2017-2018 Year-Round Mentoring for Women in Leadership

Paul Bowman and
Terry English

2017-2018 Year-Round Mentoring for Youth Ministry Leaders


2017 Post-Forum Seminars



Bobb Biehl Growing as a Servant Leader: Personal Development
Eric Johnson Radical Christian Scholarship
Charles David Kelley, Delta David Gier, Janis Skulme, Jonathan Tame, and Külli Hansen Show Them: Unlocking the European Soul through Truth Revealed in the Beauty of Art
Jeremy Peckham Entrepreneurial Leadership in Christian Ministry
Ken Sande Discovering Relational Wisdom 2.0

















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