Featured Forum Speaker: Bobb Biehl

Bobb Biehl is an Executive Mentor. In 1976, Bobb founded Masterplanning Group International. He has consulted personally with over 500 clients. He has met one-to-one with over 5,000 executives and invested an estimated 5,000 hours in private sessions with some of the finest leaders of our generation. Based on thousands of hours of practical experience, he has originated 40 tools (books, tapes, notebooks) in the area of personal and organisational development. For over 31 years, Bobb was on the board of directors of Focus on the Family. He holds a bachelor’s (’64) and a master’s degree (’66) from Michigan State University. Bobb and his wife, Cheryl, have been married since 1964. They have two adult children, two grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. His website is www.bobbbiehl.com.

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