Plenary Sessions

The European Leadership Forum programme includes plenary sessions for all participants to attend each morning and evening. These sessions consist of worship, prayer, interviews, and teaching. 


The morning plenary sessions take place from Sunday through Wednesday morning. They focus on a passage of the Bible studied over the course of the four mornings. Ramez Atallah, General Secretary of the Bible Society of Egypt, will deliver the morning plenary talks in 2019.


Ramez Atallah, General Secretary, Bible Society of Egypt

Ramez was born in Cairo, Egypt and emigrated with his family to Canada when he was sixteen.  He came to know the Lord through a local church in Montreal and was discipled as a student through the Inter-Varsity group at McGill University. From 1972 to 1980 he developed and directed the ministry of the Groupes Bibliques Universitaires du Quebec. In 1980 along with his wife and two children he returned to Egypt, where he became the IFES Regional Secretary for the Middle East. He attended the first Lausanne Congress and was appointed as a youth representative to the Lausanne Committee in 1975.  He served on the Committee from 1974 to 1994.  In 2006 he rejoined Lausanne as Program Chairman for Lausanne III Cape Town Congress.  After the Congress, he was appointed as one of the Deputy Chairs of the Lausanne Movement until 2015. Since 1990 he has been the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Egypt, the position he still holds.



The evening plenary sessions begin on Saturday evening. One evening plenary will be devoted to interaction within the Networks.


Lindsay Brown, Director, Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe (FEUER); Former International Director of Lausanne

Lindsay is a native of Wales. He studied European history at Oxford (MA) and theology at the Free Faculty of Theology at Vaux-sur-Seine, near Paris, under Henri Blocher. He has been involved in student ministry with IFES for over 40 years, serving variously as European Regional Secretary, International General Secretary and currently heads up FEUER (Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe) a network formed by a joint effort of UCCF, the British student movement and IFES, the international evangelical student body - which has as its aspiration the renewal of public communication of the gospel in the universities of Europe. He recently served as the International Director for the Lausanne Movement for World Evangelization.


Michael Reeves, President, Union School of Theology 

Michael is President and Professor of Theology at Union School of Theology in the UK. Previously he has been Head of Theology for UCCF and an associate minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London. He is the author of Introducing Major TheologiansWhy the Reformation Still MattersThe Unquenchable FlameThe Good God, and Christ our Life, co-editor of Adam, the Fall and Original Sin, and holds a doctorate in systematic theology from King’s College, London. He is married to Bethan, and together they have two daughters, Lucy and Mia. 


Jay Smith, Christian/Muslim Apologist; former International Director of Pfander Centre for Apologetics

Jay has been working with Muslims for over 37 years, including 23 in London, England. Most of his time he spends travelling to numerous countries to teach Christian/Muslim apologetics and polemics, much of which he has learned from weekly forays to the world famous Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, London. He has participated in over 80 dialogues and debates with Muslim polemicists. He is a visiting lecturer for the Oakhill College in London, the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, and the Wycliffe Hall, also in Oxford.  Since 2001, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), as well as the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) have used him to teach Islamics in the US and Europe. Jay has master’s degrees in divinity and Islamics, and a Phd in Christian/Muslim Apologetics/Polemics from the Melbourne School of Theology, Australia. He previously served as the international director for the Pfander Centre for Apologetics in London.


Emőke Tapolyai, Clinical Pastoral Counsellor and an Executive Coach

Emőke is a clinical pastoral counsellor and an executive coach. She received her M.A. in clinical pastoral counselling from Ashland Theological Seminary, a division of Ashland University (Ashland, Ohio, USA). She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counsellors (AACC), Hungarian Association of Sexologists, and the Professional Association of Coaches.


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