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Form Partnerships at the 2019 Forum Expo!

You’re invited to network with hundreds of evangelical leaders from a variety of different countries, ministries, and walks of life by representing your organisation at the 2019 Expo. Time for this event is specifically set aside at the Forum in order to encourage relationships between organisations and Forum participants. As an exhibitor, you’ll have your own booth where you can display informational materials, as well as:


  • Answer participants’ questions about your mission
  • Recruit volunteers to help serve with or for your organisation
  • Enlist participants for your organisation’s programs
  • Invite speakers for local and regional events
  • Share resources and best practices

Not only will the Expo connect you with those who could benefit from what your organisation has to offer, it will also provide the opportunity to meet fellow exhibitors and Forum attendees who share your vision. We encourage you to join

us in forming partnerships that renew the biblical church and

evangelise Europe.


Details regarding the 2019 Forum Expo are not yet finalized. If you are interested in participating, please fill out this interest form


Information for 2019 Exhibitors

WHEN: Monday, 20 May from 13:15 - 16:00
WHERE: 6th floor of Hotel Gołębiewski
HOW: Review the pricing and feature details below, then submit a Booth Request Form by 12 April.

booth request

Expo Packages

Two levels of Expo packages are available for purchase. Features, costs, and descriptions can be found below. All content submitted by an organisation is subject to approval by the Forum.


Level 1 - €250


Level 2 - €350





Forum Announcements

Optional Add-Ons: €25 - €50

Limited availability!

Banner ad in the Forum App, before or after Expo: €50 / €25
Push notification in the Forum App, before or after Expo: €50 / €25
Additional table at Expo: €50

We hope you will consider joining us as an Exhibitor at this event. To do so, please submit a booth request by 12 April, 2019. If you have questions, please contact Molly Smith at

If you are interested in applying early, there is a €50 discount for all Exhibitors that apply on or before 15 February, 2019 and send in their payments by 25 February. A limited number of additional discount booths are available to Forum scholarship recipients.


Expo Booths consist of two chairs and a table that measures 210 cm x 55 cm.  A limited number of electrical outlets are available first-come, first-served.  Please note that in addition to a booth, all Expo Exhibitors (Levels 1 - 3) will have a short blurb about their organisation both in the Expo Guide (to be distributed at the Forum), the Forum Binder (electronic), and posted on the Forum's website. Additional booth space can be purchased as an Add-On when you submit a Booth Request.



Forum Announcements include two of three print announcement mediums (detailed below). When a Booth Request is submitted, you will be asked to rank mediums according to your preferences. Your booth approval email will include confirmation of what mediums you were assigned. Posters and flyers must be designed by the Exhibitor and will be printed by the Forum. Email content must also be created by the Exhibitor and submitted to the Forum.

  • Posters: The Forum will print 2-3 color posters (size legal paper, or 216 x 356 mm) for your organisation, placed in high-traffic areas of the hotel.
  • Emails: The Forum will provide your organisation with a featured spot in an Expo announcement email, sent out right before the Forum to all participants.
  • Flyers: The Forum will print flyers to be placed on the chairs in one of the plenaries. The plenary will be chosen by the Forum staff and the flyers are one-sided, black and white (size letter paper, or 216 x 279 mm). Your organisation is also welcome to print these posters in color and bring them to the Forum to be distributed.
  • Social Wall: The Forum will arrange for your organisation a featured spot in the Forum Social Wall announcements on a day of your choice.


Add-Ons are optional for all Exhibitors. All add-ons have limited availability and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Extra table at the Expo - €50

Banner Ads are displayed on the Forum App, which many participants have and utilise as their schedules during the Forum. Banner ad space can be purchased for either before or after the Expo.

  • Before the Expo - €50
  • After the Expo - €25

Push Notifications are sent through the Forum App. There are two types of push notifications available as add-ons for Exhibitors.

  • Before the Expo - App push notifications will be sent out to a specific group of participants (chosen with your input), directing them to your booth at the Expo. €50
  • After the Expo - App push notifications will be sent out to a specific group of participants (chosen with your input), directing them to your website. €25

On Selling Goods--Organisations represented by booths are able to sell good but must abide by the selling policies of the European Leadership Forum: all materials must be sold at 60% off of the retail price and a complete list of materials to be sold (including retail price, selling price, item/ISBN number, description) must be submitted at least two weeks before the Expo.

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