Form New Partnerships at the 2019 Forum Expo!

You’re invited to network with hundreds of evangelical leaders from a variety of different countries, ministries, and walks of life by representing your organisation at the 2019 Expo. As an Exhibitor, you’ll have your own booth where you can display informational materials, as well as:

  • Answer participants’ questions about your mission
  • Recruit volunteers to help serve with or for your organisation
  • Enlist participants for your organisation’s programs
  • Invite speakers for local and regional events
  • Connect with those who share your vision
  • Share resources and best practices

We encourage you to join us in forming partnerships that renew the biblical church and evangelise Europe!


Information for 2019 Exhibitors

WHEN: Monday, 20 May, 13:15 - 16:00

WHERE: 6th floor of Hotel Gołębiewski

APPLY BY: Friday, 12 April

booth request

Apply by 15 February (and submit payment by 25 February) to receive €50 off your booth price! 

Questions? Contact Molly Smith at

Expo Packages

Two levels of Expo packages are available for purchase. 

Please note that all content submitted by an organisation is subject to approval by the Forum.


Level 1: €150  
Level 2: €250 

1 table (with tablecloth and skirt)

2 chairs

Organisation featured in Expo Guide

Organisation featured on Forum website

Choice of 2 Forum announcements


Choice of one free Add-On



Forum Announcements

Posters: 2-3 color posters placed in high-traffice areas of the hotel

Registration Feature: 1 spot in the Forum Registration Packet*

Email: 1 featured spot in an Expo announcement email

Social Wall: 1 featured spot on the Forum Social Wall

*You organisation's logo and a short description will be included an Expo flyer highlighting featured Exhibitors.

Posters, registration features, and email content must be created by the Exhibitor and submitted to the Forum for printing and distribution.




 More space 



An extra table to set up with your booth at the Expo   



More time 



Time to connect with others from your booth outside of Expo hours



More interaction



banner ad or push notification in the Forum App 


€50 / €25*

*Banner ads and notifications are €50 before the Expo and €25 after the Expo.

Add-Ons have limited availability and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. 


On selling goods at your Expo booth: 

Organisations represented by booths may sell goods at the Expo. However, they must abide by the selling policies of the European Leadership Forum: all materials must be sold at 60% off of the retail price and a complete list of materials to be sold (including retail price, selling price, item/ISBN number, description) must be submitted at least two weeks before the Expo.


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