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2018 European Evangelism Network

Europe is the most relativistic and pagan continent on the earth. Europeans desperately need to hear and understand the life-giving word of truth - the Gospel. How can this message be shared relevantly, biblically, and credibly? Not all Christians are specifically called to be evangelists (Ephesians 4:11), but everyone is called to be involved in the work of evangelism (1 Peter 3:15, 2 Timothy 4:5). Therefore the curriculum is designed for evangelists, pastors, and lay people who want to be equipped to be more effective in evangelism.  This Network brings together some of the best evangelists from across Europe to provide fresh understandings, best practices, and biblically rooted insights.  Prior preparation will be set for all applicants.


Andrzej Gorski founded Gospel Joy Ministry (Pro Novis Foundation) in 2003 and has been the president of the ministry since then. He graduated from law school in 2000 with a specialty in international law and completed 1-year of study at a Bible School in Warsaw. He worked in business as an Area Sales Manager in a multinational company from 2000 to 2003.  Developing Christian leaders through discipleship is another area which is close to his heart. He is deeply involved with the Life on Life Missional Discipleship movement in Poland. Andrzej and his wife, Ania (born again through the Gospel Joy ministry) have three children, Piotr, Jagoda, and Maria.  Since 2011 Andrzej and Ania have planted five house churches, and Andrzej serves as an elder in the 5N (Baptist) Church in Poznan.



Richard Borgonon, in the Lloyd’s insurance market for 44 years, holds international leadership positions and is chairman of the Christian publishers 10ofthose Ltd. Today Richard spends the majority of his time sharing the Bible with executives. With Rev. William Taylor, he wrote The Word One to One. These notes on John have gone global, equipping Christians to share the Gospel with their contacts. Richard speaks internationally and on TV as to how every Christian can put the gospel back at the centre of evangelism.


Ed Doepel has served as a pastor for thirty-six years. He has planted four churches and has led churches from eight people to three thousand in membership. He is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm where he served as a Chaplain in the US Army, planting two churches in the Persian Gulf region. He is the founder of Corpus Christi, an organization that coordinates multiple churches in a co-op, worshipping out of the same building and performing collateral ministries in a coordinated effort to further the Kingdom of God. He and his wife are residents of suburban Chicago.


Terry English is the Director of Training for Josiah Venture. As such, he oversees the creation and rollout of ministry teams and disciple making resources throughout Central and Eastern Europe, and also oversees evangelistic ministries and tools currently being used by over 400 churches. Prior to moving to the Czech Republic 20 years ago, he also worked with youth and student outreach ministries in the USA, UK, and Norway. While his focus is now on training local churches, he also continues to work with a local youth ministry in the Czech Republic so that he can keep his finger on the pulse of current trends in youth culture and has recently helped his local church plant a new expression of church in Ostrava.


Daniel Goering came to faith in Christ shortly after studying mathematics at the University of Kansas and has invested his life in planting churches, first across the midwest of the U.S., then across Europe.  He and his family (wife and six children) started in Europe in Dortmund, and then Cologne, Germany, and now live and serve in Berlin.  They have been a part of seeing numerous German churches planted, which are all led by nationals.  He also coaches church-planting efforts in other parts of western Europe in his capacity as a co-director of Great Commission Europe.


Stefan Gustavsson is a member of the European Leadership Forum Steering Committee. He is the director for Apologia – Centre for Christian Apologetics and makes his home in Stockholm. He was the founding General Secretary for the Swedish Evangelical Alliance. Stefan travels widely with apologetic teaching and training and is often involved in university evangelism and public debates. He is the author of several books on Christian apologetics and the Christian mind. Stefan is married to Ingrid and they have three grown children.


David Novak is president of the Czech Brethren Church, which is the largest Czech evangelical denomination. He also teaches philosophy, ethics for helping professions, and missiology at Prague Evangelical Seminary. Prior to that, he led a denominational youth ministry for 16 years before pastoring a local church in Prague. While working in the church he also taught philosophy at several high schools. He has written several books about contemporary culture and Christianity, and he contributed to Tim Keller´s book Center Church Europe.  He studied theology at Prague Evangelical Seminary, missiology at the University of Wales, and philosophy at Charles University. He has two sons.


Malcolm Riley has had the privilege of following Jesus Christ for 20 years. And has had the joy of marriage to his wife Karis for almost six years. After studying for a BA in biology at Nottingham University, he helped run IWERNE’s evangelistic holidays for school children. He then joined staff at St. Ebbe’s in central Oxford as the student outreach worker for three years and trained for vocational ministry at Wycliffe Hall. Malcolm and Karis moved to central London to plant the London Underground Church from scratch in September 2013.


Hatun Tash lived in a Muslim country for 27 years but now lives in the UK. She studied various topics at university and has degrees in bank management and economy, law (basic human rights), maths and physics engineering, and philosophy. She also studied apologetics at the Oxford Centre for Apologetics in Oxford, England. Hatun is the director of DCCI Ministries. She lives an evangelist lifestyle and has a big burden to share the gospel and to see the church equipped. Beside engaging with Muslims at Speakers’ Corner and in mosques every week, she is involved in Christian-Muslim discussion, debates, and Bible studies, while also teaching and training Christians to be better witnesses for Christ.


Jerry Root is Professor of Christian Education at Wheaton College and serves as the Director of the Evangelism Initiative. Jerry is a graduate of Whittier College and Talbot Graduate School of Theology at Biola University; he received his PhD from the Open University. Jerry is the author or co-author of numerous books on C.S. Lewis, including The Surprising Imagination of C.S. Lewis: An Introduction, with Mark Neal, C.S. Lewis and a Problem of Evil: An Investigation of a Pervasive Theme, and The Soul of C.S. Lewis: A Meditative Journey through Twenty-six of His Best Loved Writings. Jerry is the co-author of The Sacrament of Evangelism and co-editor, with Wayne Martindale, of The Quotable C.S. Lewis. He also teaches graduate courses (MA in Evangelism and Leadership Program) and undergraduate courses (Christian Formation and Ministry Department) at Wheaton College. In addition, Jerry has been a visiting professor at Talbot Graduate School of Theology and Biola University from 1990 to the present. He and his wife, Claudia, have four grown children - all of whom are married - and thirteen grandchildren.


Day 1

The Art of Answering Questions
Stefan Gustavsson

In Europe, a Gospel presentation is naturally met with objections and questions – and that is not something to be avoided. The New Testament says: “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” (Col 4:7) As evangelists, we are called to grow in the art of answering questions. In this session we will both look at principles that can guide us in developing answers and tackle some of the most common questions we face.

Creating a Culturally 'Safe Place' Bible Group
Speaker to be announced

Each country has a specific cultural context, and Poland’s context is a very traditional catholic one. After 15 years of ministry focused mainly on attractional mass events, the speaker and his team developed an evangelistic Bible group model that fits this context. Is there a way that a Catholic person would be willing to study the Bible with Protestants? Is there a way to make it a “safe place” for Catholics to attend such groups and even invite their friends? This session will describe the model and share what lessons learned in 20 years of evangelistic experience.

Day 2

The Secrets of Fruitful Personal Evangelism
Ed Doepel

One of the most frightening words in the Christian walk is “evangelism.” Many Christians would say, “I would rather do any other task in the church, such as making the coffee or even cleaning the toilets. Just don’t ask me to evangelize!” How do we change that? What lessons can we share that will help them not only be fruitful but actually enjoy evangelism? Which of these lessons do we need to learn ourselves? We will discuss how to develop the skills of sharing our faith in a very natural, authentic, and nonthreatening way that in the end will cause us and others to love evangelism. 

One to One: Vital to Evangelism in This Age of Biblical Ignorance
Richard Borgonon

Increasingly Jesus is not known; attendance at church is decreasing, and we live in an age when what the Bible says is not considered. While what we do in church might be great, how do we reach the NON churched? Believers agree we should take the Gospel to our friends but most simply don’t know HOW! The WORD One to One is a socially accessible and acceptable walk through John’s Gospel which has rapidly gone global, proving it is a very useful HOW for any believer over the age of 11. This session will discuss why and how such One to One ministry has taken off for all demographics.

Day 3

Reaching out to Young People and Integrating Them into Your Christian Community
Terry English

Young people are increasingly searching for meaning in a material world. They are searching for Spiritual truths and connection, but in many cases the church is the last place they are looking to fill this void. By examining current trends in youth culture and learning from countless case studies from evangelistic events throughout Central and Eastern Europe, we can learn not only how to share the Gospel with young people in a meaningful way, but also help them find the community and connection they are searching for. 

Panel Discussion: Overcoming Obstacles to Evangelism in Europe
Andrzej Gorski (Moderator), David Novak, Malcolm Riley, and Daniel Goering

Evangelism is rarely easy, and there are unique challenges to spreading the gospel in Europe.  What are the obstacles to evangelism in Europe, and how do they differ across the regions?  How can we overcome these obstacles to faithfully and winsomely share the gospel?  What lessons can we learn along the way? 

Day 4

Muslim Evangelism in Practice - How Does It Work?
Hatun Tash

We all know how important it is to reach those who do not believe in Christ as their LORD and Saviour. In this session we will be looking at how we actually do it, specifically how Bible-believing Christians can engage with Muslim people. What is our goal and how do we get there? The session will include practical examples and tips on: How do we start Gospel conversations? How do we finish these conversations? How do we set up Bible studies?

The Sacrament of Evangelism
Jerry Root

Sacramentalists speak of God being present in the Sacraments to mediate grace to others. If this is so, then Evangelism is, at that level, a sacrament. We do not take Jesus to anybody. He is already present and mediating grace to all. We go to make explicit what He is already doing implicitly to woo others to Himself. God is already at work. We want to discover in what way He is working and partner with Him as He is loving others into His Kingdom. This seminar looks at Evangelism as a work of God in which followers of Christ seek to participate.


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