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Detailed information about the 2019 Forum is not yet available but will be posted in the future, together with profiles of new Network leaders. Please review the information from the 2018 Forum for a look at the quality of instructors, teaching, and content that will be available in the 2019 Forum's Networks.

2018 European Church Planters Network

The European Church Planters Network will be divided into four groups. All participants will be in a group that fits their level of church planting experience, while at the same time we will have mixed groups to transfer learnings and experience across the different groups. 

Groups One, Two, and Three of the European Church Planters Network will meet together as a learning community. This particular learning community concept was developed by Tom McGehee and seeks to facilitate the best conversations possible around key topics that will bring about significant and long-lasting impact into the activity of the churches and organisations to which participants belong.

Our time together will be divided between:

  • Presentation of key, relevant, concise and biblical content around three levels of experience
  • Processing, discussing, and learning from the diversity and richness of experience present in the room
  • Planning the way forward for each of the participants based on where they are at and where they would like themselves to be.

Group Four will be a topical group on church planting coaching that will not be part of the learning community approach.

It is required that all participants attend the network each all four days of the Forum (Sunday, 20 May to Wednesday, 23 May from 10:15 to 13:15 each day. Additionally, on Sunday, 20 May, we will have the evening together from 18:30 to 20:30.

In the months leading up to the Forum, you may be asked to read certain articles or books in preparation for group discussions.

Network Goals

  • To connect CP practitioners and leaders from Western and Eastern Europe.
  • To give the participants in the Network an overview of trends in the area of CP training in Europe as well as “best practices.”
  • To create a learning environment where people have the opportunity to mutually share their experiences through group discussion, reflection, coaching, and prayer.
  • To deepen understanding of the methods, models, resources, and developments in church planting in the European context.
  • To develop a better understanding of the mission context in Europe, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges.
  • To link various networks and church-planting ministries from across Europe with specialists in areas such as evangelism, apologetics, discipleship, and leadership.
  • To help all the participants develop an action plan in regards to what they have heard God calling them to do within the next 3-6 months.

Out of the 2018 Church Planters Network, we hope to build an ongoing European network, organised on three levels:

  1. M4 Europe Live:  You may be able to join the M4 church planting training that is being done in various nations in Europe (Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and the Czech Republic). You can visit the training and see if M4 could help your nation or denomination.
  2. National Leaders: Once a year we gather key national church-planting leaders from across Europe at the ‘National Initiator Forum’. This group will meet once yearly, outside the European Leadership Forum event.
  3. Year-round mentoring: Year-round mentoring for church-planting movement leaders is organised by one of the seasoned church planting practitioners.

Qualifications for Church Planters Network Groups

Our goal is to offer specialised training which will increase the effectiveness and breadth of church planting in any country or denomination.  You can read about the various tracks and specific entrance criteria below. You must meet specific criteria, and the network leadership will make final decisions about track assignments.  Prior to the Forum you will receive confirmation of your assigned Church Planters Network group.

It is important to understand that three of the groups will be in the same room and there will be significant interaction between the three groups. Group Four will be separate.

1. Group One: Foundations of Church Planting

Led by: Theo Bunescu


  • I am a pastor or student that is interested in learning more about church planting.
  • I have not planted a church.
  • I am involved in my first church plant and want to learn more about church planting.
  • I have helped others to plant a church but have not been involved in church planting myself.

2. Group Two: Church Planting Leaders

Led by: Øivind Augland


  • I have planted a church with some success and am a pastor in the church today.
  • I have planted a church, and we are in the process of planting a new church.
  • I have helped to train church planters that have successfully planted 2-3 new churches.
  • I am to some extent involved in training church planters in my local church or denomination.

3. Group Three: Church Planting Movement Leaders

Led by: Dietrich Schindler


  • I have been involved in church planting for at least 10-15 years and have planted 2 or more churches with success and am working to multiply more new churches.
  • I am a leader for church planting in my denomination and organisation and am fully involved in training other church planters and leaders.
  • I am an overseer in my denomination and organisation and have for the last 5-10 years worked to see church planting happen in our denomination.
  • I am leading a church planting movement that has seen more than 25-30 new churches planted in the last 5 years.

4. Group Four: Church Planting Coaching

Led by: Jiří Unger

The success rate of church planting is increased dramatically when a qualitative and consistent coaching system is implemented. Church planting coaching is a relationship between the church planter and his coach to help the church planter and his team move from where they are to where they believe God wants them to be. The coach seeks to help the church planter be the most effective leader possible while helping make the church planting project as effective as possible.

The coaching track will give a practical and accessible toolkit, including the typical structure of a coaching sessions, understanding of different roles in CP coaching, the art of asking good questions that encourage church planters to focus on new solutions, opportunities and perspectives, how to maintain valuable input in each coaching session, and the clarification of outcomes that can be expected from a long-lasting coaching relationship.

Participants will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned through actual coaching practice based on real issues and needs. Every participant will lead one coaching session and be present for another session in the role of a person giving constructive reflection about the coaching process. Group coaching practice will equip participants to include a whole church-planting team in the process of coaching and facilitating team coaching sessions. 


  • I am or am going to be involved in training and coaching church planters.
  • I have been working with mentoring and training pastors and other leaders in the last 5-10 years.
  • I am identified in my denomination, church, or organisation as one to work as a church planting coach.
  • I have some church planting experience through planting 1 or more churches myself.
  • I have some church planting experience through helping others plant new churches.

Network Leaders

Theo Bunescu is a church planter as well as a consultant and coach both in the church world and in the corporate world. He is the founder and CEO of Advance OÜ, a coaching and consulting company, and he is also a consultant with Strametz & Associates LLC an HR-consulting and leadership-development company from Germany. He is part of the leadership board of the M4 church planting organization assisting leaders in implementing M4 in new nations. Theo is the husband of the most wonderful Merle, the son of Petre - the second most influential person in his life, and a follower of Jesus Christ.


Øivind Augland has been a pastor and church planter within the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Norway for twenty-three years. He is currently leading his denomination’s church planting efforts. Øivind has led the national network for church planting in Norway for ten years (DAWN Norway) and is the founder of M4 Church Planting network in Europe. M4 is currently working in ten European nations. Øivind has also initiated the NCPP (National Church Planting Process). Øivind is the founder and co-owner of Xpand Norway and Persolog Norway. He is also a part of the international board of Xpand and the board of Youth With A Mission in Norway. Øivind’s call in life is to bring unity and multiplication. Unity: To bring people from all nations, generations and denominations and ministry to work side-by-side in expanding the Kingdom (Nehemiah 3:1f). Multiplication: Train others that can train others in a life of Grace and Truth. (2 Timothy 2:2). Øivind is married to Linda, with whom he has four children.

Dietrich Schindler s a German-American church planting leader in Germany and beyond. In thirty-three years of ministry, he and his wife Jan have planted five churches in Germany, and are currently planting the sixth in Frankfurt among urban professionals (, Previously, Dietrich was the executive director of church planting for the German Evangelical Free Church denomination, pursuing the goal of planting 100 churches in ten years.  He is currently a church planting consultant and speaker with the German Evangelical Free Church. He is the author of the book The Jesus Model: Planting Churches the Jesus Way and Profound: Twelve Questions that Will Grab your Heart and not Let Go.  He has also generated a new life-based course for secular post-modern Europeans entitled “MyLife-Workshop” (  Dietrich and his wife Jan have three adult children and two wonderful grandsons, Max and Sam – born to their church planting parents in Taiwan.  


Jiří Unger is the General Secretary of the Czech Evangeli­cal Alliance. Jiri leads M4 church planting training initiative in the Czech Republic, which in 2012-14 trained 18 church planting teams, and in 2014-17 another 11 teams.  He also leads the Evangelical Forum in the Czech Republic and until 2015 he served as the president of the European Evangelical Alliance.  



Network Speakers

Vasilica Croitor was born in Northern Romania and moved to the southern city of Medgidia in 1997 to work in the least evangelized region of the country after graduating from the Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest. He and four other leaders founded APME, the Pentecostal Foreign Missions Agency in Romania, a growing organisation that has sent more than 65 full-time missionaries to other nations. In the Constanta region he has pioneered many church plants, and together with the local team, they are aiming to reach every town with the Gospel. Constanta 2022 Vision was launched five years ago and will bring a harvest of 44 new churches in the region by 2022. Vasilica is a publisher and author. He has published about 100 books through Succeed Publishing. His own book, The Redemption of Memory: The Pentecostal Church in the Communist Period, was awarded The European Christian Book of the Year 2010. He and his wife have three children: Denisa, Beniamin, and Miriam.


Martin Robinson is principal and chief executive of ForMission College.  Martin was born in India of missionary parents and then brought up in Scotland where his father was a church planter.  When Martin was in his early twenties he trained for the ministry, and his first church was in the inner city of Birmingham.  This multi-ethnic congregation was engaged in church planting, and Martin, together with his wife, Lynda led one of the new church plants.  After thirteen years in local ministry, Martin went to work for the Bible Society in the UK in a variety of roles. In that period he was the director of mission and theology. Martin has written many books on the broad theme of mission, including Faith of the Unbeliever and Invading Secular Space. In 2002 Martin became the national director of Together in Mission. In 2008 he became the principal of Springdale College. These two organisations are now known as ForMission. The goal of ForMission is to prepare workers for the harvest. 


Mark Stirling is the leader of the European Disciple-Making Leaders Network. He is a former medical doctor who pioneered work amongst university students with the Navigators in Edinburgh from 1998 to 2004. In 2007 he completed an MA in Exegetical Theology at Covenant Seminary in St Louis and in 2011 gained a PhD in Biblical Studies from St Andrews University, his thesis examining issues of discipleship and maturity in Ephesians. He, his wife Jenny, and their four children now live in St Andrews, Scotland. Mark currently pastors a new church (Cornerstone St Andrews) and is the director of The Chalmers Institute, a learning community that exists to resource and equip men and women to exercise faithful biblical leadership in the church and in society.



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