Church and Organisational Leaders Year-Round Mentoring

Detailed information about the 2019 Forum is not yet available but will be posted in the future. Please review the information from the 2018 Forum for a look at the quality of instructors, teaching, and content that will be available in the 2019 Forum's Networks.

2018 European Church and Organisational Leaders Year-Round Mentoring Network

The goal of the Church and Organisational Leaders YRM Network is to support, equip, and mentor the leaders and aspiring leaders of larger churches, networks, denominations, and Christian organisations to face the complexity of leading growing ministries. It will help them to maintain their own spiritual health and vision, to gain the skills that they will need to take their organisations to the next level, and to face the challenges and obstacles that prevent organisations reaching their full gospel potential.

Plan: The 2018 Network at the European Leadership Forum is only one component of the 2018-19 Year-Round Mentoring for Church and Organisational Leaders. The full curriculum includes:

  1. A four-day private network, meeting 3 hours each day, at the 2018 Forum (the network will consist largely of Q&A and interaction with Bobb Biehl and other Forum leaders)
  2. A one-hour lunch session at the 2018 Forum
  3. Four two-hour webinars with webinar assignments
  4. A three-day retreat near Barcelona from 4 to 6 December, 2018
  5. A Pre-Forum Conference in Wisła (Poland) on 17 and 18 May, 2019.

Participants: Ten to twelve leaders who are leading larger churches or Christian organisations, or who are realistically aspiring to the leadership of such an entity in the next 3-5 years.

Qualifications: Each participant will be actively involved in Christian leadership, and be a spiritually mature Evangelical believer.

Commitments: In order to be a part of the group, you need to commit to:

  1. Attend all sessions, including the one-hour session at the 2018 Forum, the retreat near Barcelona, four webinars, and the Pre-Forum Conference in 2019.
  2. Access all webinars on a computer with a good broadband internet connection.
  3. Thoroughly review a selection of assigned materials before and after each webinar. These assignments will consist of reading selections from books or academic articles, including the list of books and articles indicated for each webinar.
  4. Secure a copy of required books.
  5. Pay the necessary fees.

Expenses: The fees for the December retreat are 150 Euros for a double room and 190 Euros for a single room (or 100 Euros for ELF scholarship recipients). For the 2019 Pre-Forum Conference, the fees are 60 Euros for a double room and 80 Euros for a single room (or 30 Euros for scholarship recipients).

2018 Forum: All participants will meet at the 2018 ELF in Wisła (Poland) with John Stevens and Adrian Reynolds in order to get to know one another.

2018 Retreat: All participants will meet with John Stevens and Adrian Reynolds in Barcelona from 4-6 December 2018. In addition to the retreat fees, participants are also responsible for their own travel expenses.

Curriculum: The 2018-2019 Church and Organisational Leaders Year-Round Mentoring curriculum can be found here.

Apply: Participation in this network is by invitation only. Interested applicants need to complete the online application and then ask a pastor or spiritual mentor to complete the reference form. Once we receive your application form and reference, your application will be complete. We will review your completed application and let you know if you are accepted into the program within four to six weeks.



Bobb Biehl is an executive mentor. His clients are primarily large or fast-growing churches, non-profit organizations, for-profit corporations, and government agencies. Bobb is a proven ‘behind-the-scenes’ leader, mentoring and bringing strength up under the platform of ‘up-front leaders’. He consistently brings “practical wisdom to leadership.” The result is leadership clarity and confidence.


John Stevens is the National Director of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), a British network of 600 independent churches. Over the past eight years, he has led a reorganisation of the FIEC, which has encouraged more than 120 churches to join. He has planted two churches in very different contexts—City Church Birmingham and Christchurch Market Harborough—and is the author of Independent Church: Biblically Shaped and Gospel Driven, Knowing Our Times, and How Can I Be Sure?


Adrian Reynolds is the FIEC Training Director, responsible for helping men and women enter full-time gospel ministry. Following a career in the pharmaceutical industry, he served as pastor of Yateley Baptist Church and then as Director of Ministry at the Proclamation Trust. He is the author of a number of books, including And Then He Knew Her: A Biblical View of Sex; Teaching Numbers: From Text to Message, and Progress: Lifelong Growth for Christian Workers. He is also a director of several Christian charities and organisations in the UK.


Ray Evans is the Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church Bedford and the FIEC Leadership Consultant. He has helped many large and medium-sized churches face the challenges of growth, applying both the teaching of Scripture and the best insights of successful Christian leaders and secular management theory. He is the author of Ready, Steady, Grow: Equipping Today’s Gospel Churches.



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