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2017 European Artists Network

Are beauty and art mere luxuries? Or is there a greater purpose – one that echoes God’s creation and redemption? What kind of help does the European Christian artist need to fulfill his calling?

Every European artist who follows the Lord Jesus has been granted talents and the responsibility to use those talents for the building up of the church, the betterment of society, and the furtherance of the Gospel. As they come together, they are encouraged to pursue their artistic endeavors with greater insight, zeal, and support.

The European Artists Network provides a haven where Christian artists gather in community for relationship, spiritual nourishment, deep thinking, professional growth, and strategic possibilities. The network functions similarly to a medieval guild, where Christian artists are encouraged and mentored in what they do and are equipped to improve and think critically about their engagement with society and the church. The network emphasizes relationships and connections, linking artists and artist groups across Europe with one another. Come and join us!


Network Leader

Charles David Kelley is Latvian-American, citizen of both countries. Born in Los Angeles, he has lived in Oregon since 1980. His professional training is in Bible, theology, and missiology. He began ministering in Latvia in 1985. Before founding Bridge Builders International, an Oregon based mission that focuses on Latvia, in 1994, Charles served in pastoral ministry in California, Texas, and Oregon for 21 years. He is chairman and director of BBI’s Latvian affiliate, “Partners.” He serves as Dean of International Relations at Baltic Pastoral Institute in Riga. Charles is founder of the Imago Dei Artists Network in Latvia and co-founder of the imagiNATIONS Annual Art Festival for Estonia and Latvia. He is a member of the Arts Centre Group in London and is the LausanneARTS Advocate at Large for Europe. Charles is an author, pianist, and painter, having studied at the feet of two masters, professors both, from the Latvian Academy of the Arts. He lives in Latvia 4-5 months per year. He has been married to Nancy for 40 years and has four grown children and nine young grandchildren.


Network Speakers

Owen Brown is the UCCF Team Leader for Wales and South West England, which aims to resour ce, train, and mature students in the Christian Unions across the regions. One of the high points of his job is seeing bold Christian students living and speaking for Jesus in the heart of their universities and colleges. If they do it creatively, even better! Prior to working for UCCF Owen worked for the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Museum of Wales, the Royal Collection, and the universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. He has spent nearly a decade working in the fine art world specialising in Neo-Impressionist art.


Delta David Gier has been called a dynamic voice on the music scene, recognized widely for his penetrating interpretations of the standard symphonic repertoire, passionate commitment to new music, and significant community engagement. Orchestras Mr. Gier has conducted include the New York Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Chicago Symphony, the St. Louis Symphony, and the Minnesota Orchestra. In Europe, his engagements include the Bergen Philharmonic, the Polish National Radio Symphony, and the Bucharest Philharmonic, along with many other orchestras in Italy, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey. He studied at the University of Michigan under the renowned conducting teacher Gustav Meier, along with studies at the Tanglewood Music Center and Aspen Music Festival. He was a Fulbright scholar in eastern Europe from 1988-90. He has chaired the music jury of the Pulitzer Prize and is a frequent panelist for the League of American orchestras. The Lakota Music Project was developed under Gier’s direction to address racial tensions between Native Americans and whites in the region the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra serves. Other engagement projects with the SDSO have included Arab, Chinese and Sudanese/Somali refugees.


Külli Hansen is the coordinator of the Artists Network of the Estonian Evangelical Alliance. She has studied the arts and entrepreneurship; and has been active on these frontiers for more than 25 years. She started as an art curator and gallery-owner in Tartu, Estonia; and followed her career as a cultural coordinator of the city of Tartu, and as a business coach for creative start-ups in a regional business incubator.  She is now active in business consultancy working mostly with creative industries, companies and start-ups . She currently works at Estonian Business School as a lecturer of business planning, business models, student enterprices and management of creative processes. In 2015, she initiated an annual international Christian Artists Festival “ImagiNATIONS“ in Tartu, Estonia and is responsible for curating art exhibitions at Tartu Salem Church. The topic she will present at ELF connects business and the arts will feature discussions about the value of art.


Pablo Martinez a Forum steering committee member and was one of the leaders of the European Christian Counsellors Network for several years. He currently works as a psychiatrist at a private practice in Barcelona. He has also developed a wide ministry as a lecturer, counsellor, and itinerant speaker. He has been a plenary Bible teacher in more than 30 countries. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA) also serving as one of the organisation's vice presidents. He has filled the role of President of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance (1999-2009) and Professor of Pastoral Psychology at the Spanish Theological Seminary. He currently chairs the Ravi Zacharias Foundation in Spain. He has authored three books, Prayer Life: How Your Personality Affects the Way You Pray, now published in fourteen languages, Tracing the Rainbow: Walking Through Loss and Bereavement, and his latest, A Thorn in the Flesh: Finding Strength and Hope Amid Suffering (Inter Varsity Press, England). He is married to Marta.  More information at his website


Liviu Mocan is a Romanian artist living in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. The rich Christian legacy that he inherited from his parents, from church, and from mature artists and theologians has guided his philosophy of life and formed the essence of his creation. His many and varied works – which can be can be found exhibited in private collections, indoor and outdoor, on all continents – are a testimony to his commitment to the visual expression of his beliefs. He is currently developing various art projects centered around the major themes of the Bible while experimenting with various materials and new technologies. Actively involved in his artistic community, he strives to be a witness among Romanian artists.


Ken Sande is the founder of Peacemaker Ministries and Relational Wisdom 360. Trained as an engineer, lawyer, and mediator, Ken has conciliated hundreds of family, business, church, and legal conflicts. As president of RW360, he now focuses on teaching people how to build strong relationships in the family, church, and workplace. He teaches internationally and is the author of numerous books, articles, and training resources, including The Peacemaker, which has been translated into fifteen languages. He is a certified Christian conciliator, an editorial adviser for Christianity Today, a certified Relational Wisdom instructor, and an Emotional Intelligence certified instructor.


Jonathan Tame is the Director of the Jubilee Centre, a research and policy think tank in Cambridge that provides biblical perspectives on economic, social, and political issues in order to equip Christians to be salt and light in different spheres of society.  Having obtained a Master’s degree in agricultural economics, Jonathan worked for the UK government’s international development agency in Cameroon before joining YWAM’s relief and development office in Lausanne, Switzerland. From there, he and his wife Helene spent 11 years in Romania pioneering community development projects, starting a crisis pregnancy counselling centre, engaging with the Orthodox Church, and opening an arts and worldview café. In 2006 they moved back to Switzerland where Jonathan was involved in training, arts and media projects connecting Geneva’s spiritual heritage with Christians working in the international community. Jonathan helped bring Liviu Mocan’s monumental sculpture invitation/Decalogue to Geneva for the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth. They moved to Cambridge in 2009 for Jonathan to work initially with the Jubilee Centre’s founder, Michael Schluter, before being appointed to lead the organisation in 2012.


Network Programme

Day 1

The Christian Artist in the Public Square
Delta David Gier

Love God. Love your neighbor. What does this look like for the professional artist? How do I love my neighbor as myself (much less as Jesus has loved me) in this seemingly non-loving world of the arts? God uses our art, and ourselves, for His purposes if we live life awake, sensitive to His prompting in the situations in which He has placed us. In this session, Gier will guide you through story and practical steps, illuminating how to live out one’s faith in the artistic realm. Examples come from the building of his Bridge Projects, which address racial prejudice and cultural understanding through music.


I am an Artist... Why Do I Need a Mentor?
Charles David Kelley

What comes in all shapes and sizes, genders and generations, wears multiple hats, and can be likened to a friend, parent, uncle, coach, scoutmaster, or counselor? Beginning with the Ancient Greeks, mentoring is one of the oldest forms of influence. Mentor was the trusted advisor and counsel of Odysseus. A mentor is not a teacher.  A mentor goes beyond teaching.  Mentoring occurs when one individual actively builds into another individual by sharing his knowledge, experience, wisdom and heart. What do all mentors have in common?  Is it really important for the independent minded artist to seek mentoring relationships? How will they benefit?

Day 2

Can Artists Market Their Art without Losing Their Souls?
Külli Hansen

Have you ever heard the term ‘starving artist’? Why do so many artists who create high quality art have great difficulty earning a living? This workshop addresses and provides solutions for the foundational issues every artist faces.  Artists can learn to be more than creators; they must also think like entrepreneurs.  They must grasp the importance of networking in the worlds of both art and business.  They can utilize simple financial systems in order to maintain accountability and attain tangible profits.  They can learn how to think outwardly and better understand their customers, developing their art accordingly. They can learn to effectively plan and promote exhibitions. They can learn how to market their art without losing their souls. And finally, they will work through the profound questions - Does God care if their art sells? Why is it critical for Christian artists to trust God in the creation and sale of art?


Harnessing the Power of the Artist's Emotions
Ken Sande

Artists' relationships are fueled by emotions, both positively and negatively. They can bring us our greatest inspiration and pleasure. They can also cause our greatest discouragement and pain. This session provides an integrated biblical and neurological view of emotions. After establishing a foundational theology of emotions, we will examine how emotions can isolate, distract, and discourage an artist. We will then explore ways that relational wisdom can help us to harness the power of emotions and use them to fuel artist growth and excellence, strengthen relationships, and help us achieve our fullest life potential.

Day 3

Art and the Big Questions in Life: Creating Relevant, Timely, and Innovative Exhibitions
Jonathan Tame

What happens when Christ-following artists take risks in the public square? Let’s take a tour. Jonathan will walk us through Romania, Geneva, and Cambridge, sharing his passion for engaging the culture through unusual art. We will visit the Quo Vadis Café in Romania, explore Liviu Mocan’s monumental Reformation Exhibition in Geneva, and move to Cambridge to help organize a potentially powerful sculpture exhibition at King’s College. During the journey, we will discuss culture, worldview, evangelism, venues, finances, and the people that make the exhibitions possible.


A Sculptor in the Court of the King: Where Faith, Art, and History Meet
Liviu Mocan

What does the marriage of faith and art look like? How do contemporary artistic forms mirror the Word of God to scripture-hungry souls? Liviu will share how he has come to express his faith through his art, including his theology of being a sculptor in the court of the King. He will illustrate how he combines contemporary forms with a biblical message in the creation of his sculptures, with particular reference to the Invitation/Decalogue and the Five Solae of the Reformation.

Day 4

A Thorn in the Flesh: Is Depression Relevant to Artists?
Pablo Martinez

More treacherous than we imagine. Miry, dark and dangerous. What is it?  Depression is a thorn in the flesh. What causes depression in artists? How can clinical depression be recognized? Are there unique sensitivities that make depression almost universal among artists? Temperaments? Exhaustion? Burnout?  Is there a relationship between bitterness and depression? Dr. Pablo Martinez will address these penetrating questions and provide a Biblical framework for depression and in the process, share preventative measures and ways out.


The Artist as ‘A Pilgrim on the Road to Meaning’

Ann Brown

In 2013 the prestigious Reith lectures in UK were given by the artist Grayson Perry. In the fourth of these lectures, Perry asserted, ‘It’s a very noble thing to be an artist. You’re a pilgrim on the road to meaning. ….we’re all on this pilgrimage to find meaning.’ This session explores the notion of pilgrimage in the work of Perry and others. Journeying in search of meaning emerges as a significant contemporary theme and one that is relevant to Christians working in the arts. How are Christian artists to travel the arduous pilgrim road?


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